Ionuț Șerban

Informații de contact T: (40-21) 204 76 37 E: Ionuţ Şerban este Partener al Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii. El are o experienţă de 17 ani în calitate de avocat pledant în faţa instanţelor judecătoreşti de toate gradele, a curţilor… Citește mai mult<span class='nume-platinum'>Ionuț Șerban</span>

Florentin Țuca

Contact information T: (40-21) 204 88 91 E: Florentin Ţuca is Managing Partner at Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii. He has a wealth of experience in corporate law, banking law, as well as project finance, concessions and other forms of PPP… Citește mai mult<span class='nume-platinum'>Florentin Țuca</span>

Oana Ureche

Oana Ureche

Partner ȚUCA ZBÂRCEA & ASOCIAȚII Contact information T: (40-21) 204 76 35 E: Oana Ureche: Legal systems change constantly; they become more refined in some areas while in others new laws are introduced to address new situations. Our team… Citește mai mult<span class='nume-platinum'>Oana Ureche</span>

Raluca Vasilache

Raluca Vasilache

Contact information T: (40-21) 204 76 33 E: Practice areas Competition Intellectual Property Raluca Vasilache is a competition partner with Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații. She has covered a wide array of legal issues in the field of competition law,… Citește mai mult<span class='nume-platinum'>Raluca Vasilache</span>

Christina Vlădescu

She is a Partner in the litigation and arbitration practice group at Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii. She has built up a recognized business litigation practice by effectively combining a thorough understanding of the local judicial system with impressive advocacy skills as… Citește mai mult<span class='nume-platinum'>Christina Vlădescu</span>

Levana Zigmund

Partner ȚUCA ZBÂRCEA & ASOCIAȚII Contact information T: (40-21) 204 76 32 E: Levana Zigmund: I like to work on demanding and challenging cases which require experience in successfully managing extensive transactions as well as creativity, subtlety in solving… Citește mai mult<span class='nume-platinum'>Levana Zigmund</span>