Roxana Ionescu

Roxana Ionescu


Practice areas
– Environment
– Data Protection

Having established NNDKP’s environmental and data protection practices and coordinating them over the past 13 years, Roxana Ionescu has consolidated her theoretical and practical background in these areas, which allows her to navigate the complex and sometimes highly uncorrelated legal frameworks in order to find practical solutions to clients’ projects and needs.

Her expertise covers:

In the environment field:
– environmental issues in mergers, acquisitions and privatizations
– environmental and other permitting matters
– water management
– waste management
– hazardous substances
– protected natural areas
– environmental liability, including for nuclear incidents and historic pollution
– industrial emissions and greenhouse gas emission allowances trading
– environmental taxes
– sanitary, veterinary and food safety matters
– compliance matters, including in case of polluting incidents and authorities’ controls
– environmental related litigation

In the Data Protection and Privacy field:
– GDPR gap analysis and audits
– GDPR and DPO training
– processing employees’ data, including data sharing within the group for benefits programs and
– whistle-blowing schemes
– building and using databases for supporting sales and marketing activities
– e-privacy matters, including social networking sites, cookies consent rules and commercial
– communications
– cyber-security requirements
– classified information regime
– cloud computing
– data sharing in mergers, acquisitions and winding-up projects, as well as joint business projects
– regulatory compliance, including in connection with disciplinary procedures and FCPA audits
– data breach regulations
– data subject rights
– processing and data transfer formalities
– controls by the data protection authorities
– internal data protection and privacy audits and training
– archiving formalities (including in cases of winding-up of companies)-