Radu Chiran

Radu Chiran is a well-versed litigator, having successfully acted in a number of contentious-administrative and tax law cases, as well as civil and labor litigation matters for top-notch local and international companies in various sectors. By combining his legal knowledge with an educational background in Business Administration, Radu is experienced in proposing and implementing different tactics, always searching for cost-effective measures to protect our client’s goals. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Employment Law, he assists clients in taking a preventive approach in the development and implementation of workplace practices, while also handling sensitive litigation matters, when necessary.
Selected relevant experience

Part of the team assisting the currently most valuable State-owned company in Romania, active in hydro power generation and services, in 5 complex disputes for recovery of receivables.

Part of the team assisting a private oil and gas exploration and production company focusing on conventional exploration, development and production opportunities in a dispute involving the largest Romanian oil and gas group and a Romanian producer of electrical equipment.

Part of the team assisting a company specialized in renewable energy in a series of complex fiscal law cases with claims exceeding EUR 38 million.