Ömer Tetik

Ömer Tetik, born in Hamburg and brought up in Izmir, embraced an economics career opting to study at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, graduating Magna Cum Laude the Faculty of Economics. He starts his career at Ata Securities in Izmir, but one year later he heads on for Istanbul, taking a treasury dealer position within Finansbank.

In 1997 he moves to Russia, as the Manager of the Treasury and Capital Market Department at Finansbank Moscow. His stay in Moscow is a fruitful one as it grants him the possibility to reveal a better understanding of the financial phenomenon and its implications on a boarder scale. In 2000, Finansbank decides to give him a new assignment – Romania – as Deputy Vice President. Romania turns out to be the country where he reaches career maturity within Credit Europe Bank ex Finansbank as Vice President and President in 2010. 2013 brings another change in his Romanian path as he takes on the CEO position at Banca Transilvania, a challenging task considering the bank was ranked 3rd  in the Romanian banking system, now at the first place.

Ömer Tetik is fond of spending time with his wife and their 3 kids, percussion instruments, motorcycles and traveling. He is a member of YPO Romania, having participated to several training modules, including Euromoney and London Business School.