Noemi Cădăriu


2002-2016: High School Diploma, „Aurel Vlaicu” National College
2016-2020: BA, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest

Work experience:
10.2016-12.2016: Intern, Chamber of Deputies
11.2017-09-2018: Intern, Schoenherr Attorneys at Law
11.2016 – 2020: Member, The Law Students’ Association

Personal projects:
Big Brother
– The „Big Brother” project, in the Infomatrix competition, Programming, which was awarded with First Place at the national phase and a Bronze medal at the international phase
Peregrinari – a project in which we present to students an institution, at their HQ
Ars Diplomatica – a project in which we present to students the concept of diplomacy at different Embassies
Succesus per labor – a project in which we organize summer internships with top law firms
Comenius – Young Food Education – an international project where healthy lifestyles were promoted amongst students

Languages: English