Mihai Lupu


I hold a Masters Degree from Central European University in Social History (Budapest/Hungary) and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bucharest Univeristy in Organizational Psychology (Bucharest/Romania).

For more than 10 years I have developed and participated in a series of development projects that integrate information technology, change management psychology, networking, training and mentoring in pioneering innovative social venture capital initiatives. Specifically, I was involved in designing, implementing and monitoring: a. community based economic, civic and social initiatives; b. behaviour change national campaigns; c. local governments as well as non-profit institutional capacity building projects; d. health related or economic development international programs.

I have also proven experience of human resources development in corporate, NGO and international organizations as well as HR development for political parties in South Eastern area, training/coaching and capacity development.

I have extensive experience in the field of marketing and PR/communication, including branding/re-branding, design of medium to large events or marketing strategy.

I am very familiar with EC and UNDP/UN procedures, working for over 9 years with international donors (USAID, World Bank, Innovation Norway/EEA, EU funding grant schemes), and having substantial working experience in project management.

Both my academic and professional interests focus on change psychology and human and institutional performance.

– Sustainable Economic and Community Development
– Organizational Psychology / Human Resources / Institutional (non-profit, public and private) capacity building
– Change Psychology / Human Performance
– Awareness and Behaviour Change Campaigns (design and implementation)
– Project Management
– Urban and Rural Regeneration
– The Economics of Heritage Regeneration
– Marketing & PR