Marian Sergiu Oprean

I am a fourth year student at the Faculty of Law, mainly passionate about criminal sciences and commercial law. I am a talkative, extroverted person who is good at teamwork and who puts a lot of emphasis on free communication. My main qualities are the ability to acquire information quickly, analytical thinking and assertiveness.

Studies and certifications

2014 – 2018: High school, Decebal Deva National College
Graduate of the English Bilingual Mathematics-Informatics profile with a diploma of excellence and obtaining an average of 9.26 at the Baccalaureate exam

Hands-on experience

ABCJuridic team editorial coordinator
Since the first year of college, I am part of the ABCJuridic team, a legal site maintained and developed by students and addressed to students, under the scientific coordination of several professional lawyers. Within the team, I wrote articles on various topics, I helped to participate in various partnership projects (eg a collaboration with EEEI and CECCAR for verifying and correcting the Guide of good practices in civil judicial expertise in the European Union), and currently I coordinate the editorial team and manage the actual publication of the articles on the site.

Member of the Law Students Association
I am part of the Human Resources department of the Law Students Association. During this I had the opportunity to get involved in coordinating, preparing and carrying out several projects with my colleagues, an experience that improved my teamwork skills.

During high school I worked in various NGOs such as Interact or Leo, totaling over a hundred hours of volunteering. In 2016, we won first prize at the European stage of the competition The Young Ambassador of the 21st Century. It consisted of the elaboration, design and presentation of a charitable project with social applicability in the purpose of obtaining funding. This contest was an opportunity to improve my public speaking skills and to prepare and deliver a speech.