Mădălina Hristescu

Managing Partner
Mădălina Hristescu is the Founding & Managing Partner at Hristescu & Partners (HMP), an innovative law firm in Romania, providing tailor-made solutions and extensive legal services in Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking, Non-Banking, IT&C, Real Estate, Data Protection, Digital, Sports & Entertainment and Corporate Governance.

She went on to develop a branch of the firm in Rome, which is now HMP’s Italian Office.

She coordinates major transactions in M&A, joint ventures, other investment deals and real estate development projects for foreign investors and multinational companies and supports the foundation and strategic development of new businesses in various fields, particularly in technology and financial services.

As an active promoter of innovation and smart efficiency in both management solutions and client services, Mădălina is constantly seeking ways to innovate and digitize in all areas of work. She is involved in legal growth and legal technology development, providing insightful advice on various projects in the field.

Mădălina Hristescu is the founder and organizer of Global Legal Hackathon in Romania and currently an active member (judge and mentor) at InnovX Business Accelerator, organized by the BCR bank and supported by Google

In the past, Mădălina led the Legal Department of an international corporation and she currently acts as a Council Member of the European Regional Forum – International Bar Association (IBA) and an Official Partner to the Romanian Financial Institutions’ Association (ALB). Mădălina has been the lead advisor of the ALB since its foundation in 2004, having brought her input to all significant negotiations and legislative shifts in the industry ever since.

Mădălina is a graduate of the Bucharest Faculty of Law and her professional training includes also the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), Boston University School of Law – Contracts & International Business Transactions and Churchill College, Cambridge – Leasing School Program.

As a lawyer, Mădălina coordinates Merger & Acquisition transactions and counsels clients on IT&C, Banking, Non-Banking and Financial Services, Corporate Governance, Employment & HR, Real Estate. As an Entrepreneur, she seeks to understand and support the daring challenges of the status quo by investing resources in start-ups that may shape our future and the future of legal industry.