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Mădălina Dima

Madalina Dima

Contact information

Work experience
March 2016-Present: Senior Services Executive, G2 Travel
March 2015-February 2016: Services Executive, G2 Travel

TSD Bucharest Political Communication Olympics I
February 2013-March 2013: Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest, The 19th Franco-Romanian bilateral Colloquium on Information and Communication Sciences
November 2013-January 2014: TSD Bucharest, Political Communication Olympics III

Education and training
October 2011- June 2014: Bachelor’s degree, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Letters, Communication and Public Relations
October 2016- June 2018: Master’s Degree, Dimitrie Cantemir University, Faculty of Management, International Affairs Management

Other languages
English, German, Spanish, French

Social skills and competences
Good listener, organized, sociable, good skills both of synthesis and the overall vision of some concrete aspects, attitude inclined towards expeditious settlement of various issues, the ability to establish and maintain links with people of different nationalities and cultures obtained after the participation in the International Francophone Theatre Festival organized in Arad and then in Catania, Italy, and of course after working for 2 years in G2 Travel, where I got to know people from all over the world.

Working for G2 I learnt to pay even more attention to details, to be more responsible and to make connections really fast, and develop very good analytical skills. Also, working with people from all over the world, from all sorts of cultures and nationalities, developing relationships with them, with the suppliers and of course with the colleagues in the office, has helped me improve my social skills.

Organisational skills and competences
During the various internships I did in college, I managed to develop team work skills and abilities strongly related to good organization and work planning, stating in efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, the participation in a regional competition of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) in Busteni, a few years back, where team work and a well organised environment were essential, helped me grow even more and understand how important being a devoted team player is.
*Participation certificate in entrepreneurial skills training program

After 2 years of experience in G2 Travel, I can honestly say and I am more adaptable to change, I can easily integrate in any team, work well with different people and establish quickly a relationship with each and every one of them. Also, holding several presentations about the department or the destination we work with offered me the opportunity to interact with the all the departments of the company, and not only the ones from Bucharest office.

Implemented a project with guidelines for a certain destination, in order for everybody to understand it, improved internal communication and the one with client operations as well.

Technical skills and competences
Attention to detail and good research skills acquired while working as an event planner at The Bilateral Franco-Romanian Colloquium on Information and Communication Sciences.

Computer skills and competences
Good operational skills of Microsoft Office, Photoshop and knowledge in video and audio editing programs such as Adobe Audition.

Artistic skills and competences
Participation in the International Francophone Theatre Festival; Participation in a regional competition organized by the European Youth Parliament (EYP) being the musician candidate as well (every team had one), besides the common duties.

Writing travel and leisure articles for the G2 Travel Magazine kept my creative side active. We got to involve the other office from around the world and this way we learned more about the Asian and American culture.