Luminița Borcău

Luminița is a skilled lawyer advising international and local clients on various corporate, commercial and employment matters.

She has more than 12 years of experience that includes services of representation in court at all levels, in various forms of litigation, such as commercial, administrative and employment.

For 5 years, she was a senior in-house counsel in a multinational telecom company, where she offered consultancy services on corporate and employment matters and commercial contracts.

As in-house senior lawyer, Luminița coordinated and supervised for several years the employment department within the company, her expertise in this area being a forte of her practice. As a coordinator, she dealt with individual and collective employment relationships on sensitive employment related issues, offering legal advice and supervising diverse projects, such as termination of employment, internal policies and regulations, collective layoffs, employment implications in case of restructuring or reorganisation (i.e. transfer of business, acquisitions, divestments, mergers, spin-offs, transfer of business lines, outsourcing and in-sourcing processes), workplace harassment, etc.