Profesionist Generic

Liviu Tudor Mitrănescu

Personal information
Place and date of birth: Bucharest, 8th of February 1970

Contact information
Telephone: 004.0742.585.134

November 2011–present: Short Term Projects in various legal fields, acting as consultant with Gheorghe Vrana Law Office

2009-2011: Institute for Political and Social Studies-Bucharest
Senior Consultant in the field of Legal issues:
– analysis of the relevance and impact of legal providing in social networks;
– social studies as: the social behavior in accordance with the law, the law as expression of social behavior and traditions, law and moral principles as roots of the legal regulations.

2008-2009: Vista Engineering S.R.L. – Bucharest
Legal Advisor in the field of constructions, civil engineering:
– advisory services and FIDIC contracts, especially Red and Green FIDIC;
– negotiations with clients;
– commercial contracts;
– other legal matters.

2001-2008: Aedificia 2002 Construct S.R.L. – Bucharest
Legal Advisor in the field of constructions, civil engineering:
– advisory services in relation with the Registrar of Companies, Financial Administration, City Hall;
– commercial contracts.

2000-2001: Totalserve Management Ltd. – Limassol, Cyprus
Manager of the Bucharest Office:
– setting up the Bucharest Office: finding location, creating the database of clients, contacting potential clients, presenting the company products and services, sales activities;
– counseling in offshore companies area, legal work frames, application of Double Tax Treaties, contracts and day-to-day assistance for the clients;
– creating the company’s associates network for increasing sales.

1999-2000: Consulco International Ltd. – Bucharest
Financial Consultant:
– involved in sales activities for expanding the number of clients from 30 (in the beginning) to almost 150;
– counseling services in the offshore, trusts and international funds area.

1997-1998: Media PRO International – Bucharest
Legal Advisor:
– day-to-day assistance for the companies – parts – of the group;
– developing the project for a National Royalties Association based on the principles of a stock market;
– contracts for day-to-day activity.

1990-1994: Ecological University Bucharest
– Law Faculty;
– average grade through studies: 8.24;
– final examination grade: 7.58.

1999: Consulco International-Bucharest
Internal training in offshore companies and direct sales, sales strategies.

2002: Totalserve Management Ltd-Limassol, Cyprus
Seminar organized for debating the latest developments after the 11th of September terrorist attack in relation with the offshore and privacy services. Latest changes in the bank procedures to prevent money laundering, organized crime and terrorism.

Foreign languages
English: 5 (writing); 5 (reading); 5 (speaking)
French: 1 (writing); 3 (reading); 1 (speaking)
* on a scale from 1 (very poor) to 5 (fluent)

Computer skills
MS Office 2007