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Ionuț Lupașa

Ionut Lupsa

Ionut Lupşa from Lupsa & Associates, has more than 16 years of experience as a lawyer and almost 10 years as a Patent and Trademark Attorney, having the right to represent clients before all Romanian courts, as well as the High Court of Cassation and Justice (Romania’s Supreme Court) and also the European Court of Human Rights.

He is an active member of INTA and has acted within the Non-traditional Trademarks Committee during the year 2014. He is passionate about trademarks, technology patents, Information Technology and data protection issues and my current activity is dedicated to researching these domains.

Before setting up Lupsa & Associates, Ionut was a founding partner in another Romanian law firm, which was created from the former Vilau & Mitel law-firm where I was a partner as well.