Ionuț Chisăr

Ionut Chisar is a senior associate in the Criminal Law Practice at CMS in Romania, specialising in criminal law and criminal compliance.

Ionut provides legal assistance and representation in criminal cases for both individuals and domestic and international companies during all stages of criminal proceedings. He uses his expertise in cases involving organised crime and a wide range of criminal offences, including tax evasion, money laundering, abuse of power, embezzlement and other business-related criminal offences. His focus on white-collar crimes is equally recognised in the anticorruption sector, advising on such policies and also representing clients in front of the competent authorities.

He has been involved in multiple complex projects, representing individuals accused of committing criminal offences and injured parties alike, offering legal counselling, preparing and implementing various defence strategies.

In 2021, he was recognised by The Romanian Magazine of Criminal Business Law, and awarded the distinction of “Rising Star in Criminal Business Law”.