Ioana Viorică

Ioana Viorică

+40 787 530 553

 With expertise in dispute management and experience in top-tier local and global law firms, Ioana Viorica is Senior Associate at PBC Attorneys at Law.

Ioana Viorica has vast experience in public procurement area, being involved in numerous court cases related to contracting and implementing public services. She assisted and represented a corporate client in litigation proceedings related to the execution of a public services procurement contract for the renovation of a leisure & sports activities centre, the value of which exceeds 10 million Euros. She was involved in international commercial arbitration proceedings related to the execution of a public procurement contract in the public transportation & infrastructure field. Her relevant work includes court cases regarding the annulment of a waste management services contract and related to the annulment of the administrative documents concerning public utility services.

In the real estate and construction area, she covers various matters such as property rights, properties restitution, land use, urbanism documentation, and FIDIC agreements. She was involved in court cases related to property rights and property restitution for buildings with a total value of more than 5 million Euros. Her expertise includes also employment litigation, intellectual property, and corporate law disputes such as disputes between shareholders or between the company and its shareholders.

In the business law area, she advised clients on corporate law and real estate matters, conducting research and providing due diligence services. She advised clients on land title and property rights matters, as well as on companies divisions, decrease of the working capital, and company assets.”