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Ioana Gelepu: We know and understand the anatomy of a lawsuit. Every lawsuit we’re assigned represents a bond with our client, a commitment to mutual trust and partnership throughout the various stages of that particular case. Hence, it is our mission, accomplished thoroughly and responsibly, to plan and implement the most effective conflict-resolution mechanisms.

Ioana Gelepu is a Partner in the litigation and arbitration practice group at Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii.

She has successfully handled a large array of civil, commercial, administrative and labour litigation matters.

As part of her vast experience, Ioana Gelepu has successfully represented the firm’s clients in complex cases, worth dozens and hundreds of millions of Euros, involving contractual or tort liabilities, corporate law or concerning documents issued within privatization procedures, in cases on the annulment  of certain documents issued by administrative authorities (including those issued in public procurement procedures), fiscal-administrative or customs authorities, as well as in complex labour disputes having as object the annulment of decisions for disciplinary sanctions, payment of salary rights and the annulment of collective bargaining agreements concluded at company level.

She speaks English fluently.

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