Ioana Cazacu

Ioana Cazacu

Mrs. Cazacu started her professional career working as Head of cabinet at Parliamentary Office, followed by an international experience gathered at the European Parliament where she acted as counselor. In 2009, Mrs. Cazacu was appointed as Secretary of State within the Department of Relations with the Parliament of Romania, department within the Romanian Government.

Before joining the Department, she was member of Board Member, acting as Secretary of State, for the National Council for Combating Discrimination (NCCD) (2010-2014). The Steering Board of NCCD is a collective and deliberative body responsible for the tasks provided by law. It is made up of 9 members having the rank of Secretary of State.

The National Council for Combating Discrimination is the autonomous state authority, under parliamentary control, which performs its activity in the field of discrimination. At European level there are institutions assigned to human rights protection and combating discrimination but NCCD is unique, its activity combining 14 discrimination criteria, no other institution having such a vast sphere of action, including sanctioning.

With a degree in Law, Mrs. Cazacu has always been sensitive to issues such as equal opportunities and fight against discrimination. She is currently Secretary of State, Department for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, under the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly.

Furthermore, she is Romanian representative in High Level Group on Gender within the European Commission.