Florin Ţineghe

E-mail: florin.tineghe@dlapiper.com
T: +40 372 155 817
M: +40 732 222 105

With a career spanning over fifteen years, Florin Tineghe has extensive experience in all relevant aspects of real estate driven transactions, assisting reputed real estate investors and being directly involved and coordinating highly important projects both in Romania and cross border.

Florin’s main practice areas include assistance in real estate transactions, such as sophisticated acquisitions and sensitive disposals, during all relevant phases (due diligence, drafting and negotiation of transaction documents, implementation of transfer and assistance in the related financing process, including the release/creation of security), acquisition and structuring of real estate portfolios, planning, permitting and construction during all stages of a development including the relation with the public authorities and contractors, as well as litigation, PPPs, public procurements and Government contracts, real estate financing and projects.

Florin is a reputed lawyer extremely appreciated for its thorough responsiveness on client’s business and investment opportunities, being a contributor to the developments in the Romanian real estate industry and market practice.

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