Florin Leonardo Cojocaru

Florin Leonardo Cojocaru

Leonardo Florin Cojocaru is a dedicated practitioner, with a particular set of skills in criminal law. His exposure on this area was shaped from the very beginning of his career, when he served as a criminal investigation officer with the Romanian Police for about 5 years. The American movie channel HBO then recruited him as Legal Counsel and thus he started his private practice experience with the business community.

He commenced business with his own Law Office in 2006.

Florin holds an LLB with the Law Faculty of the Police Academy, an LLM in Criminal Science and an LLM in Private Law, both with the University of Bucharest’s Law Faculty.

Specifically trained to observe and understand extremely fine details, Florin also holds an LLM in National Security and Defense with the University of Bucharest.

For more than a decade since 2006, giving his capacity of HBO’s lawyer, attorney Cojocaru held the position of Vice – President of the National Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights Issues, initially reuniting 32 members, including the Ministry of Justice, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the National Institute of Magistracy and the General Police Directorate. Alongside General Prosecutor’s Office representatives, he served as a coordinator of this project who helped for removing the red flag Romania had at the time on the Intellectual Property Rights Chapter and finally led to Romania’s accession to UE in 2007.


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