Dragoș Apostol

Dragoș Apostol

Partner Țuca Zbârcea & Associates

Dragoș Apostol: It is a privilege to be part of a team of very fine professionals, with a wide range of expertise and a strong sense of camaraderie, forged over the years. From the enthusiastic birth of the firm to present day, we have remained united by the same core values: the pragmatic pursuit of our assigned tasks, true loyalty to our clients and a positive and innovative approach to any new challenges.

Dragoș Apostol specializes in mergers, acquisitions and privatization, as well as corporate and commercial law. He has extensive experience of advising Romanian and foreign investors, as well as public authorities, on legal matters arising from a wide range of industry sectors, such as real estate, public procurement & concessions, financial investments, /private equity, forestry, mining, and so on.

His legal skills include negotiating, drafting and reviewing complex agreements in the context of joint ventures, assets and share sales and purchases, mergers, acquisitions, business transfers and reorganizations, as well as privatization and concession projects.

In particular, he has developed a considerable body of expertise advising on mergers and acquisitions taking place in the e-commerce sector.

In addition, Dragoș Apostol has a strong legal background in real estate, particularly in relation to real estate investment, planning, construction and property management.

Dragoș Apostol is a Certified Expert in Public Procurement, accredited by the Romanian authority, the ANC (formerly the CNFPA, the National Council for Adult Vocational Training). He speaks English fluently.

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