Cristian Ducu

President, European Ethics & Compliance Association

Cristian Ducu is president of the European Ethics & Compliance Association and Senior Expert in Governance, Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability at the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics. He has worked as an Ethics & Compliance external consultant since 2007, collaborating with a wide range of organizations and industries. Since 2009, he has also worked as an external non-financial auditor, focusing on anti-corruption, ESG, etc.

Cristian serves as president of the Ethics Commission of Romanian National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Organizations, and of the Supervising Commission of Romanian Transparency Registry Association, an industry organization for Public Affairs companies and professionals that manages a local instrument similar to the Transparency Registry from the European Commission. He is regularly involved in activities that shape important public policies, laws and governmental mechanisms on integrity in the public and private sectors.