Cătălin-Dennis Băiculescu

Catalin Baiculescu


Cătălin BĂICULESCU: For most of the attorneys, practicing law is just a market. For me and my colleagues, practicing law is a playground, and we like to play for the benefit of our clients.

Cătălin Băiculescu has advised on many high-profile mergers & acquisitions and Romanian privatisations, and is recognised as an expert in the due diligence process, the negotiation of assets and share-purchase agreements, as well as post-acquisition restructuring matters.

His expertise in the banking and finance area includes advising on banking regulatory legal issues and compliance, syndicated loans, project finance transactions, and bank restructuring and privatisation. Cătălin has also assisted international aircraft owners and financing banks in connection with aircraft lease agreements and mortgage agreements signed with local airlines.

Furthermore, he is a skilled and resourceful lawyer in electronic communications & IT, where he has advised on licensing issues, telecom service agreements, software development agreements, data privacy and outsourcing agreements. His expertise includes the area of entertainment and media, providing legal assistance services to broadcasters and production companies on commercial contracts relating to television shows, betting and gaming, advertising agreements and regulatory issues.

As recognition for his legal publishing activity, Cătălin Băiculescu has been admitted as Honorary Fellow of the Center for International Legal Studies, Salzburg, Austria. He is a member of the European Air Law Association and has also acted as legal counsel to the World Bank.

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