Ovidiu Budușan

Contact office@budusan.ro + Ovidiu is a founding partner of BUDUȘAN & ASOCIAȚII, and a highly-experienced litigator. The professional experience acquired as prosecutor-in-chief of the Division for the Prosecution of Corruption and Organized Crime (later reorganized into PNA/DNA and DIICOT) within… Citește mai mult<span class='nume-platinum'>Ovidiu Budușan</span>

Florentina Frumușanu

Contact office@budusan.ro + Florentina Frumușanu is a partner with Budușan & Associates. She specializes in cases of tax evasion, accounting offences, capital market crimes, offences against the customs regime and intellectual property law, off shore transactions, corruption offences, corporate fraud… Citește mai mult<span class='nume-platinum'>Florentina Frumușanu</span>