Bogdan Lamatic

Bogdan is a Partner within the White Collar & Business Crime practice. He is specialized in economic organized crime and has an extensive knowledge in a broad range of crimes such as corruption, capital markets, gas and energy, IT, intellectual and industrial property. He is a highly experienced and determined defender of both corporate and private clients, during his numerous years of practice having been involved, either as a member of the team or as coordinator of projects, in many significant business crime investigations and trials.

Bogdan is appreciated for his clear-cut strategies and for his hands-on approach on all aspects of a case. He incorporates thorough and aggressive representation with personalized handling of each case, having built a solid reputation of providing top-quality services for the clients. Bogdan provides specialized criminal assistance in front of both the prosecution authorities and of the relevant courts in Romania, achieving remarkable results in high importance projects. For this reason, the 2020 White-Collar Crime edition of Legal500 has mentioned him as one of the rising stars of the practice.

Bogdan holds an LL.M in Criminal Law and is highly involved in several academic project, being an established lecturer on criminal law topics in national events.