Bogdan Coraci

Bogdan Coraci

Bogdan focuses on public procurement proceedings, as well as corporate and regulatory matters.

He has broad practical experience in advising on the application and implementation of the various stages of procedures for granting public and sectoral procurement.

Bogdan understands current legal matters from a dual perspective. Firstly, from the point of view of the contracting authority – experience gained from being involved in public procurement procedures during his time as legal counsel for a public institution – and secondly, from on economic operator`s point of view, owing to his experience in private practice.

Before entering private practice, Bogdan worked for the Romanian Environmental Protection Authority, where he was directly involved, as legal counsel, , in public procurement, labour and civil servants lawsuits, administrative law and misdemeanour lawsuits, drafting proposals and opinions on primary and secondary legislation proposals applicable to that specific sector of the Authority.

He has been dealing with complex civil and commercial negotiations, drafting and reviewing contracts, involving different parties of the public and private sectors, including multinational companies in national or cross-border transactions.

Bogdan graduated in Law from the University of Bucharest in 2011 and holds a master’s degree in public procurement proceedings, concessions and public-private partnership (PPP) from the University of Bucharest.

He is fluent in English.