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General counsel with solid experience in business, regulatory and legal risk management in retail business

Currently the Corporate Director of Legal Department & Compliance of Louis Delhaize Group in Romania CORA and also acts as a Head of real estate development

The current role includes:
– Overseeing and identifying the legal and compliance issues, including with respect to matters pertaining to marketing, online sales, data protection, distribution, litigation as well as corporate governance
– Coordinating and negotiating all sales of various real estate properties in all stages of the transactions and implementing post-closing actions

CORA Romania is part of Louis Delhaize Group, a French-Belgium international group acting in Romania, France, Hungary and Benelux, with more than ten local entities and over 4000 local employees (2017). CORA operates hypermarket conventional stores in Romania, but it started 4 years ago the new concept of pick-up delivery points (Cora Drive) and online sales (Cora online) and is rapidly developing in this area.

Active for more than 10 years in an international corporate environment, including in associated law firm of Big 4 consultancy and international private legal practice. Significant experience and track record in using a multi-disciplinary approach in terms of teams and resources, with the purpose of articulating legal strategies, risk management tools and substantiating management decisions.

Demonstrated track record in real estate transactions and developments, M&A projects, domestic and international litigation files (coordinating the local file with the group level dispute), data protection, and matters specific to the online environment.

Special blend of skills and abilities deriving from diverse business, legal and industry exposure:
• Ability to pro-actively mitigate risk and create efficient business and legal risk management action plans for business strategy alignment;
• Sound knowledge of key business processes with solid validation of key legal issues;
• Experienced in interacting with national governmental authorities and regulatory bodies;
• Ability to manage multi-disciplinary cross-functional teams and to operate into different business departments;
• Ability to contribute to business strategy decisions by understanding the dynamics of outside factors influencing the industry.


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