Andreea Savencu

Andreea Savencu is a Junior Tax Consultant with Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații Tax SRL.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, more precisely in VAT evasion, she has a first-hand knowledge on VAT and CIT. Along with the other team members, Andreea enhances her ability to deal with tax-related issues, including domestic and international taxation matters.

She is involved in projects such as tax reviews, where she monitors the changes of tax legislation and thus manages to promptly address client’s issues.

She leveraged her experience as a banking consultant by forming the ability to communicate with the clients, to understand their needs and offer prompt solutions to their issues.

Andreea graduated from the Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange at Bucharest University of Economic Studies. She gained entry level experience in taxation by working with Ernst & Young on an accounting project which was also related to general VAT