Andra Cotiga-Raccah

Andra Cotiga-Raccah has been a Professor at Université Catholique de Lille, Faculty of Law (France), since 2015 and a member of the The Romanian Association for Law and European Affairs (RALEA) since 2014. She obtained her PhD in private law at Université de Lille II in 2010 for a thesis on ‘Regulatory Competition between Legal Systems within the European Union: the Example of Company Law’. She defended her habilitation at the Université de Strasbourg (France) in 2015. She received a scholarship on behalf of the Max Plank Institute for private international law, Hamburg (Germany) in 2007 and 2013. Andra Cotiga-Raccah is member of the Council of the European law institute, Viena, Austria, since 2017. She is also member of the Société de législation comparée (Paris, France). She is currently associated with the work of TEE (Transeurope europe experts, Paris, France) in the field of insolvency law.