Ana Galgoțiu-Săraru


Ana has been involved in dispute resolution projects including litigation in front of Romanian courts or international tribunals, reaching from administrative procedures to notorious commercial disputes.

In a brief summary, Ana’s experience in providing legal services comprises of the following:

– She is a member of the team that assists the largest telecom operator in Romania in several disputes in value of approx. EUR 50 million, including (i) defending a decision of the Romanian Competition Council that ruled against an abuse of dominant position, (ii) copyright infringement issues, including the interpretation of the must carry regime and the obligations of the internet service providers in the fight against on-line piracy and (iv) defending the termination of a retransmission agreement with an international TV broadcaster, accused of an abuse of dominant position;

– She has coordinated and been involved in internal procedures (counting to up to ten separate files) aimed at recovering the EUR 8 million investment made by a Hungarian real estate developer in a joint venture with a Romanian public authority.