Mrs. Diculescu-Sova’s litigation team was added in 2001, when she joined the firm as a Senior Partner.

Her practice covers a wide array of complex matters in civil, commercial, competition and fiscal law. Her undisputed litigation expertise is recognized both at local and international level by clients, competitors and most renowned international legal guides.

For the past thirty-seven years, Mrs. Diculescu-Sova has successfully represented clients in virtually all major court cases in Romania. She was formally acknowledged as one of Romania’s best litigators by the entire business community, winning the “Best Lawyer” Award at a prestigious national gala.

Mrs. Diculescu-Sova held significant positions such as ad-hoc Judge for the European Court of Human Rights and currently acts as a Counselor with the Bucharest Bar and with the National Association of the Romanian Bars.

Ana Diculescu-Sova graduated from the University of Bucharest Law School and is a member of the Bucharest Bar.

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