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Adrian is a Criminal Defense Lawyer and member of Bucharest Bar, Romania.
He is an extremely knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer specialized in international judicial cooperation aspects and has recently launched a book as first author entitled European Public Prosecutor’s Office. Regulations. Controversies. Explanations.

Adrian was awarded “Rising Star in White Collar Crimes Matters” by Revista Română de Drept penal al afacerilor (2019) and is an expert that represented Romania for the Council of Europe in NA-FAMED (“Needs assessment – Falsified Medical Products”) the first cooperation project on the MEDICRIME Convention providing technical assistance and support to Council of Europe.

Adrian is also a member of the working group set up at ECBA level, in charge of preparing certain materials for the exchange of know-how between criminal law lawyers in the Member States, which will be a useful tool in ensuring effective defences in EPPO proceedings.

He concluded a Masters of Criminal Law in 2018 and has been admitted as PhD student in Criminal Procedure Law at the Institute of Legal Research “Acad. Andrei Rădulescu” of the Romanian Academy in 2019 with the Thesis `the role of expert evidence in investigation of economic crimes`.

Adrian was a constant contributor at the “Summary and Commented Case Law” Section of Law Review and he was awarded twice with “Dreptul” Journal Award for Scientific Research in the Field of Law by Law Review Romania (in 2020 and 2021). Currently, he is a member of the editorial board of the Law Review responsible with coordination of criminal law publications.
He regularly publishes articles and studies on criminal law and criminal procedure and participates in international and national conferences related to these fields.

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