Adrian Floarea

Mr. Adrian Floarea, PhD, graduated Mathematics and holding a PhD in cryptographic algorithms is a strong supporter of the R&D activity in the IT Identity and Security Field, with applied and innovative approaches of the projects he involves in. He is the CEO of certSIGN and he will back up the project team, providing advices based on his extensive experience. With more than 18 years of technical experience in this industry field and over 10 years of management experience, Mr. Floarea has an innovative vision and a comprehensive approach regarding the means of strengthening the company’s activities, but also regarding the new development directions imposed by the evolution of the market and the new technological challenges. Over the years, Mr. Floarea was involved in: research and development projects, certSIGN’s products development strategy, over 15 projects implemented for major industry players. He also was involved in numerous actions, meant to popularize and promote science, it by participating in specialized events and publishing articles and books about its field of expertise. Also, along the years, he has paid a particular attention on analyzing the impact of IT Identity and Security Field on non-IT domains, including on the activity of administrative institutions – European and / or national. Academic vise, Mr. Florea has a large number of certifications issued by renowned international institution that, together with all its sustained activity, only prove once more that he is a true path finder in its field of activity.